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02202 The Rommel

Rommel D187 (Alemania) (*)

Destructor lanza misiles clase Lütjens


(*) No he podido encontrar fotos de calidad del Rommel D187 y en su lugar he puesto una foto del D185 Lütjens que es el barco que da nombre a la serie.


Información histórica sobre el buque de asalto anfibio Rommel D187 (clase Lütjens)

D187 Rommel was a guided missile destroyer of the Bundesmarine (West German Navy) and later the Deutsche Marine (Navy of reunited Germany). It was the third and last ship of the Lütjens class, a modification of the Charles F. Adams class. On February 1, 1969, she was launched and baptised Rommel by Lucie Maria Rommel, widow of Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel. On May 2, 1970, she was commissioned into the 1. Zerstörergeschwader (first destroyer squadron), based in Kiel.


On September 30, 1998, she had to be decommissioned, because the operating licence for the boilers expired. She was then towed to Wilhelmshaven and cannibalised for spare parts for her two sisters, Lütjens and Mölders, which continued to serve for five more years. In 2004 she was finally scrapped in Turkey.


Ficha técnica


Fragata lanza misiles

Ańos de servicio

1970 – 1998


4.460 toneladas


134 metros


14 metros


33 nudos


337 hombres


2 cańones de 127 mm

2 cańones automáticos de 20 mm

1 lanzador de misiles Mark 13 (para misiles tierra aire y anti buque)

2 lanzadores de misiles Mk 49 (para misiles tierra aire)

6 tubos lanzatorpedos de 324 mm (46 torpedos DM4A1 y Mark)

1 lanzador de misiles antisubmarinos ASROC con 8 celdas


Fuente Wikipedia.